Important News for App Developers

Voyomotive is planning an upcoming launch of our API and release of an SDK for developers who want to build apps using the most robust vehicle data available.  VOYO will report data on 70 – 100 vehicle parameters which is up to 10x the number currently provided by existing OBD-II solutions and at a much higher acquisition rate.

VOYO’s data includes VIN, engine, electrical, and entertainment-related data, odometer, traction control, stability control, seat-belts, door locks, trunk, horn, generic and proprietary DTC codes plus thousands of custom parameters.

The data can be used by app designers and system integrators for UBI, traffic management, driver scoring, expense tracking, IOT home integration, car sharing, fleet management, service centers, emissions tracking, etc.

VOYO is based on a 6th generation, high speed data logger used by car manufacturers and fleets. It supports all standard and proprietary communication protocols and is designed for multi-thread capability that supports both request/response and raw communication with the data bus.

VOYO can be paired with Voyomotive wireless relays to enable control over the engine. A cellular version of VOYO is scheduled for release in 2016.

The Voyomotive Cloud handles intelligent data collection and analysis, and the whole system is designed with security as a top priority using 256-bit AES encryption at every level.

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